Roof and Wall detection

Roof detection

Roof detection utilizes detection systems that are also used when protecting other areas, such as microwave, radar infra-red and microphone cable. Which system to use is entirely dependent on the type of roof and the access to it. If the target can only be reached by climbing the gutter, it needs to be protected differently than a roof where you could simply enter the terrace. For example, a microphone cable would be a good choice for a gutter, whereas a Pressure Mat Alarm (PMA) would be better for a roof terrace.

Wall detection

Several different systems are available for wall and façade detection. Some can also be used for different objects and areas. To name a few: microwave, radar, infra-red and microphone cable. Ground detection systems can also be utilized. These systems detect an intruder around the building envelope, which means he is already very close to the target. Therefore, a high detection probability is imperative.

GPS Perimeter offers the following roof detection systems: