This radar has a transmitter and receiver in one console. It distinguishes itself with a 5-6 metre wide and 120 metre long detection field, which can be divided into a maximum of 10 detection zones. The digital signal processor receives important information about the direction, distance, volume and position of the intruder. It is ideal to determine their position accurately down to 1 metre. Moreover, the radar is unaffected by weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow and fog. Its splendid design and integrated garden lighting make it ideal for the residential sector.

GPS RADAR (digital Doppler radar witch zoning – reflective technology)

How it works: Volume change in the generated reflective field.
Location: Volume change in the generated reflective field.
Maximum range: One hundred and twenty metres.
Alarm zone: Ten zones per radar, detects position down to 1 metre accurately.
Weather influence: Practically none.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Smart active system that works preventively and has a high detection probability. All wiring is centred in one location. Aesthetically pleasing.
Drawbacks: The space between transmitter and receiver (5 to 6 metres) is occupied and cannot be used for other purposes. Works best on an empty terrain without tall plants or bushes.
Application: Projects with a medium to high risk profile.