MMD system

A mobile radar system for quick, temporary deployment. The MMD has a special assembly kit with built-in level, radio-communication and self-sufficient power supply for up to 20 days. The 200 metre set is operational in about 15 minutes. Aluminium transport-suitcases and reinforced cabling with special military plugs make for a very sturdy device with a long life-span. MMD is deployable in temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius and as high as 65 degrees Celsius. It has a radio-controlled range of 1000 metres. The system is very versatile: it can offer temporary protection to military vehicles and storage units, and is also suitable in the construction and industrial sectors.

MMD (ErmoXPro digital fuzzy logic microwave detection)

How it works: Volume change is picked up in the generated electromagnetic field between transmitter and receiver.
Location: There has to be an unoccupied space of 3 to 5 metres between transmitter and receiver.
Range: Up to 200 metres.
Alarm zone: Per set (transmitter and receiver).
Weather influence: Practically none.
Power supply: Battery
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Smart active system that works preventively and has a very high detection probability. Reliable, and highly customizable for each individual customer due to the digital signal analysis. Ground sensitivity can be separately calibrated. Registers the last 256 occurrences in a log and can be linked to a management system for remote inspection of the data. Very reliable thanks to the digital fuzzy logic technology.
Drawbacks: There has to be an unoccupied space of 3 to 5 metres between transmitter and receiver.
Application: Projects with a high risk profile.