Home jacking

The systems on this page are ideal to prevent home invasions. They are reliable, effective and operative 24/7. When there are residents present, a warning signal should be enough once someone enters the premises. When going to sleep or when leaving the premises, the warning signal can be redirected to the control room.

The most common type of home invasion is where private property is entered (mostly multiple intruders) and one or more unsuspecting family members are ambushed when in the garden, on the terrace or at the pool. Often the perpetrator(s) will ring the doorbell and force the homeowner to hand over keys, codes and stashes of valuable items. Unfortunately, this is often done in a violent manner. For intruders, this is more efficient than trying to break in.

A security system can warn you and give you time to retreat and call for help. Don’t be surprised, surprise the intruder instead!