TPS fencing detection system

There are many locations and projects where tens of miles of fencing that need to be secured and protected, such as: large military complexes, airports, nuclear power plants, refineries and large industry complexes. For such locations the TPS system was developed. Sensory poles are placed with intervals along the barbed wire that secures the location. These will detect the movement of the fence when an intruder tries to climb, bend or cut it. The TPS system does not just detect, it also forms a physical barrier slowing intruders down.

TPS (Taut wire Perimeter System)

How it works: Wires connected to special sensory poles detect unusual movement in the fence and form a physical barrier.
Location: Can be used on gutters, fences etc. with a detection system.
Maximum length: Unlimited.
Minimum length: Thirty metres.
Alarm zone: Per 60 metres with proper installation.
Weather influence: Practically none.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: A barrier of, for example, barbed wire can also serve as outer shell detection.
Drawbacks: If there is no contact with the wires, the alarm will not triggered.
Application: Projects with a medium to high risk profile.