SIOUX 3D fencing detection

Sioux is a new and innovative detection system for the protection of various types of fences and gates. It works by placing multiple sensors every 5 or 10 metres on a fence, depending on the level of security needed. These sensors feature MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, also used in smart phones), are very sensitive and can determine their position in relation to the ground.
This enables them to detect any attack on the fence, such as cutting, grinding, bending etc. The system is very reliable because the sensors communicate with one another and compare signals using fuzzy logic technology. Even severe wind does not disrupt this process. The location of the intruder can be accurately pinpointed down to 1 metre.

SIOUX (3-dimensional detection system)

How it works: Analysis and comparing of signals between sensors using MEMS technology. Three-dimensional MEMS technology (“MEMS” stands for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems).
Location: Different fences such as mesh, bars etc.
Maximum length: Seven hundred metres per controller unit.
Minimum length: Thirty-five metres.
Alarm zone: Configurable with Touch & Zone to 20 zones per controller, accurate down to 1 metre.
Weather influence: Practically none.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Detection in the outer shell makes for an optimal response time. Intelligent and reliable technology such as MEMS, fuzzy logic and Pin Point. Touch & Zone and Plug & Play make for an easy installation.
Drawbacks: If there is no contact with the fence, the alarm will not be triggered.
Application: Projects with a medium risk profile.