FPS fibre detection system

FPS Fibre Perimeter System is a detection system that uses glass fibre technology for the protection of mesh and bar fences, walls, ceilings and other structures such as pipelines. In case of a physical attack on the protected structure on which FPS is mounted, a disturbance in the optic signal between transmitter and receiver will occur. A digital signal processor using fuzzy logic and programmed-in attack patterns will generate an alarm. Advantages of glass fibre: detection is very accurate (down to tens of metres) and the ability to protect large stretches of terrain (up to 2 km) without extra power supplies on location. Moreover, glass fibre is completely unaffected by direct and indirect induction (such as lightning) and other atmospheric disturbances. FPS also works well under severe temperature fluctuations or in corrosive environments.

FPS (Fibre Perimeter System, Sun-Snake-Miles)

How it works: The glass fibre cable analyses sound and pressure waves caused by attacks such as grinding, drilling, chopping, cutting and climbing on structures such as fences, walls, rooftops cable trays and pipelines.
Location: On all sorts of fences, walls, ceilings, cable trays and pipelines.
Maximum length: Per analyser type SUN 0.8 km, type SNAKE 2 km and type MILES 50 km.
Alarm zone: Type MILES can be divided into a maximum of 100 zones.
Weather influence: Practically none.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Passive system ideal for longer distances. Unaffected by electromagnetic fields and does not work with antenna signals.
Drawbacks: It will not detect an intruder if there is no physical contact with the protected object.
Application: Projects with a medium to high risk profile.