Active ground detection

The Radio Perimeter System is an invisible, underground system that is suited to the highest risk profiles. It practically has an unlimited range. The system operates by detecting the disturbances in a generated electromagnetic field, caused by movements of intruders or vehicles with a certain volume. The electromagnetic field is active both above ground level and underground. This makes the RPS system also ideal against intruders trying to dig their way in. The system can be installed under every imaginable type of surface. The system is able to distinguish small objects from large objects and is impervious to weather influence. Vehicles cannot be parked on the surface where the system is installed, and the detection field must remain clear of objects.

RPS (Radio Perimeter System)

How it works: Volume change is picked up in the generated electromagnetic field, both above ground level and underground.
Location: In all surface areas and underneath sand, grass, pebbles, paving, asphalt, concrete etc.
Maximum length: The multiplex edition is 19.2 kilometres and the basic edition is 300 metres. The detection strip is about 1.5 to 2.0 metres wide.
Minimum length: Twenty metres.
Alarm zone: A maximum of 150 metres per zone
Weather influence: Heavy rain and thick snow can hinder the system’s performance.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Invisible and applicable in every type of surface, including concrete.
Drawbacks: Sensitive to water (puddles) and nearby metal objects.
Application:: Private customers, companies and/or institutions that require a high to very high security level.