Passive ground detection with an accurate positional locator

The GPSplus system alarm zones can only give you a general location of a breach. However, sometimes you need to pinpoint where an intruder is. The PPS system was specially designed for this purpose. Just like the GPSplus system, this system operates by measuring the pressure differences that occur when intruders approach or cross the terrain. Unlike GPSplus, PPS has flexible alarm zones that can pinpoint an intruder within a ten-metre radius. The system is ideal in conjunction with an intelligent video surveillance system, such as speed dome cameras with programmed camera angles.

PPS-PLUS (Position Perimeter System)

How it works: The system registers pressure changes in the terrain’s surface when it detects running, jumping, driving, etc.
Location: In all surface areas and underneath sand, grass, pebbles, paving, asphalt etc.
Maximum length: The multiplex edition measures 12.8 kilometres and the stand-alone 200 metres. The detection strip is about 3 metres wide.
Minimum length: Ten metres.
Alarm zones: A maximum of 5 (in stand-alone) to 20 (in multiplex) per 200 metres.
Weather influence: None.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Invisible and undetectable, unaffected by the weather and it takes up no space so it leaves room for parking. Applicable in hilly terrain. Aesthetically pleasing.
Drawbacks: Does not work in reinforced concrete.
Application: Private customers, companies and/or institutions that require a high to very high security level.