Optic sensor cable

LPS-G is a ground detection system ideal for application under gravel, terraces and other tile and wooden floors. A special optic sensor cable is placed underground under the surface. Entering this area will bend the sensor cable, causing a disturbance in the “light” travelling through this cable. A special sensor module will analyse this change and, if needed, trigger an alarm. The LPS system is unaffected by the weather, extreme temperature rises, electromagnetic interferences and inductive loads such as lightning strikes.

LPS-G (Light Perimeter System)

How it works: A light spectrum is guided through a sensor cable and changes its composition when the cable bends. An intelligent detection module converts this into an alarm.
Location: Under pathways, driveways, façade openings, sand, gravel, bricks, tiles etc. Invisible and untraceable.
Maximum surface area: Twenty m² per detection module.
Minimum surface area: One m².
Weather influence: None.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Invisible and untraceable. Available for every type of terrain, regardless of shape or size. Not sensitive to vibrations or external electromagnetic influences. You only need to plug it in and the detection module will calibrate itself.
Drawbacks: Does not work under tiles or stones laid in cement.
Application: Projects with a medium to high risk profile.