Photon façade opening detection

A very small infra-red set (28 mm in diameter) and therefore perfect to protect, for example, façade openings, skylights and porches from both the inside and outside. The system is very easy to install and flexible. The RS485 cabling and the option to pivot the set 180 degrees make it suitable for a variety of situations. Photon has a range of 25, 50 or 80 metres with integrated heating. It comes in the sizes 60, 110, 160 and 210 cm. Click here for the brochure.

Photon – hi-tech infra-red detection (slim line)

How it works: Intelligent infra-red system; bi-directional with AND or OR circuits.
Location: On façades and on top of fences.
Range: Twenty-five, 50 or 80 metres.
Alarm zone: Per set (transmitter and receiver).
Weather influence: Does not work well in thick fog, rain or snow.
Small animals: Insects up to 5 cm long can crawl over the set without triggering the alarm.
Advantages: Many applications due to the small size (28 x 28 mm), IP65 casing and integrated heating. Easy to install due to RS485 cabling and the option to pivot the set 180 degrees.
Drawbacks: Sensitive to bad weather, and triggered by larger animals such as cats and dogs.
Application: Projects with a medium risk profile.