Roof, terrace and gravel detection system

LPS is detection system for roofs, terraces and gravel pathways. It operates with a plastic fibre sending and receiving a light signal. Trespassing the area under which the plastic fibre is laid will bend the fibre, changing the light signal. The change in the light signal between transmitter and receiver will trigger an alarm. The plastic fibre with optional peripherals such as rubber mats, lattices and special passive-step sensors is easy to integrate and mount. All in all this is a very economical perimeter detection system. LPS is ideal for roofs with a maximum slope of 15 degrees and underneath gravel pathways, terraces and wooden platforms. LPS is unaffected by the weather and electrical signals in the vicinity, and it is ideal for façade openings. For more information, email us at info@terreinbeveiliging.com

LPS-E (Light Perimeter System)

How it works: A light spectrum is guided through a sensor cable and changes its composition when the cable bends. An intelligent detection module converts this into an alarm.
Location: On rooftops, roof terraces, gutters and balconies. Visible or invisible in ready-made EPDM mats which can be covered gravel, wood, zinc etc. (for skylights for example).
Maximum range: Twenty m² per detection module.
Minimum range: One m² (EPDM mats are available from stock in the sizes 100, 300 and 500 x 140 cm and can be customized in any size to fit your needs).
Weather influence: None.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Invisible and undetectable, unaffected by the weather and quick to install thanks to the prefabricated EPDM mats. Unaffected by vibrations or external electromagnetic influences. You only need to plug it in and the detection module will calibrate itself.
Drawbacks: Does not work under bricks and tiles laid in cement.
Application: Projects with a medium to high risk profile.