High security radar with fuzzy logic technology

The ERM0482Xpro is a digital microwave detector outfitted with fuzzy logic signal analysis. It comes in the following editions: 80, 120 en 200 metres (X-Band) and even 250 and 500 metres (K-Band). It is the most intelligent microwave detector on the market, and suitable for the protection of the highest risk areas such as (nuclear) energy plants, prisons, government terrains, airports and buildings in the petrochemical industry. The microprocessor-controlled transmitter channels make every effort of an intruder to conceal himself fruitless. The special synchronisation-entry allows several sets to work together in close proximity if your target is particularly at risk for intrusion. The ERMO482Xpro can be employed in both government and civilian airports without disturbing, for example, radar equipment. Thanks to modern cabling systems such as RS485 and Ethernet (TCP/IP) it is possible to monitor and manage up to 128 sets with management software.

ERMO X PRO (digital fuzzy logic microwave detection)

How it works: Volume change is picked up in the generated electromagnetic field between transmitter and receiver.
Location: There has to be an unoccupied space of 3 to 5 metres between transmitter and receiver.
Range: Varies from 50 to 500 metres.
Alarm zone: Per set (transmitter and receiver).
Weather influence: Practically none.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages: Smart active system that works preventively and has a very high detection probability. Highly customizable for each individual customer due to the digital signal analysis. Ground sensitivity can be separately calibrated. Registers the last 256 occurrences in a log and can be linked to a management system for remote inspection of the data. Very reliable thanks to the digital fuzzy logic technology.
Drawbacks: There has to be an unoccupied space of 3 to 5 metres between transmitter and receiver.
Application: Projects with a high to very high risk profile.