CPSplus microphone cable system

The CPSplus system is a passive detection system suitable for the protection of various types of fencing such as wire mesh fences and bar fences. The protection of walls and rooftops is also suited to this system. The system is installed on the edge of the perimeter. This guarantees the quickest detection and thus the most response time, and it takes up no space on the terrain. A special sensor cable with micro phonic properties records mechanical disturbances and vibrations caused by attacks on the protected object. The data is then compared to previously entered attack data. The result is an incredibly stable and reliable detection method.

CPS-PLUS (Cable Perimeter Systems)

How it works: The microphone cable analyses sound and pressure waves caused by attacks such as grinding, drilling, chopping, cutting and climbing on structures such as fences, walls, rooftops and cable trays.
Location: Structures such as: mesh fences, bar fences, concrete and brick walls, construction walls, rooftops and cable trays.
Maximum length: Up to 38.4 km in multiplex edition and 2 x 300 metres in the stand alone edition.
Minimum length: Ten metres.
Alarm zone: Per 300 metres microphone cable (150 metres of fencing at a height of 2.40 metres).
Weather influence: A mesh fence that sways in a heavy storm may impair function of the device.
Small animals: Small animals do not set off the alarm.
Advantages:: Detection in the outer shell makes for an optimal response time. Easy to mount on fencing, wall or roof. Digital signal analysis with programmable pattern recognition distinguishes between different types of attack and is extremely reliable.
Drawbacks: Only detects direct physical contact with the fence.
Application: Projects with a medium risk profile.